Monday, 12 January 2015

BULLYING - NATIONAL EPIDEMIC (a letter 2 the principal )

GULABI BAGH                                                {senders address }
ABC SCHOOL                                                {name of school}
__________________                                    {address of the school }
12.1.15                                                             { date }

SUBJECT : Informing about recent acts of bullying in the school.

My name is SHREEYA GUPTA {your name}and I am of class XII {your class} of your school.
I want to inform you about the recent acts of bullying by the seniors in our school. Many students of primary classes have been a target of this lawless activity. As most bullies are cowards , the pick on some meek students after the school is over in school canteens or washrooms and brutally abuse them .The pupils they terrorize often suffer from mental distraction because of the fear of bullying . These intimidates often harass in groups,so,sweepers or members of staff must be posted to lonely places and washrooms. The school committee must start an anti-bullying campaign to encourage the weak students to report about bullies to the teachers and to fight against the atrocities of the seniors.
I request you to please reflect some light on this topic and help me make this school a bully-free area.
Thanking You
Yours Sincerely